Sunday, May 24, 2015

It has been kind of crazy around here lately.  Always trying to get things accomplished, especially on weekends when my hubby can help.  This being a three day weekend, we are both trying to slog through our to-do lists.  Mine, of course, now involves things that are ten times more difficult to accomplish with a broken toe.

The shoe I purchased from amazon is really helping though.  I find I can walk in an almost-normal gait as long as I am wearing another shoe with kind of a thick sole.  The shoe has also already saved me from banging that toe again at least half a dozen times since I got it.  Right now, the toe doesn't even hurt anymore.  It's only when I forget about it and try to actually use it that I feel the sharp stabbing pain.  Today that happened twice.  The first time was when I was trying to lift a heavy bucket onto a high shelf.  When I couldn't quit reach it, I stretched out and used that foot (and that stupid tiny toe) for balance.  Yow!  The second time was when I was using the circular saw to cut a piece of particle board.  When I reached the end the two halves collapsed and I tried to catch my balance with that foot (and that stupid tiny toe again).

So why was I using a circular saw?  Well that brings us back to my to-do list.  Remember the laundry sink I ordered from Costco?  It still isn't hooked up yet, but we had to stack the washer and dryer to set it in it's place.  So I have been working on getting the rest of my tiny laundry room organized.  I have re-purposed shelves I found at Goodwill and shelves we had gathering dust in the garage.  Sanded, painted white, and now hung in my laundry room providing much needed storage.  I can finally see the finish line with that room after dealing with the horrible lack of storage for the last five years.  I also found the perfect item on amazon, but I'm not going to discuss it until it arrives.  I opted for standard shipping so I could get the $1 discount on a digital order.

So what have I received from amazon this week?  Well, I can say this - it is so truly exciting I just couldn't wait to share!  Remember the disposable toilet cleaning pads?  I got four of the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning Starter Kits!  I know, not exciting at all.  Two are for my mother-in-law and two are for me, now I have one for each bathroom.  If they help me clean the toilet more often, then it may be exciting to whomever has to use them.  I have used both the heavy duty pads and the disposable ones, and they're both good.  I think perhaps the heavy duty ones are going to get a lot more use in this household however.  The starter kits come with a caddy that holds both kinds of pads and the wand.  I think I preferred the older style that only has a hook that hangs over the rim of the toilet tank, but I guess it is kind of nice to be able to store the pads with the wand in one place.

Not the most exciting post, but I do have a lot of items in my shopping cart right now!  My subscribe-and-save should also be arriving soon, so stay tuned.

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